Tempera Paint Solutions is dedicated to being an environmentally responsible company. This industry is known for using products that have the potential to harm the environment and we are taking steps to reduce the negative impact on the world. We offer low & zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint to meet the requirements of the project. Some types of paint can release small amounts of toxic gas into the air for years after it has been applied. By using low & zero VOC products, we are keeping your family and the environment safe.

Did you Know?

Lead based paint coatings provided high corrosion resistance until 1978 when the federal government determined that lead was a health risk and decided that it be removed from all paints. If your home was built before 1978, test your paint from lead before sanding or scraping. Lead in dust causes lead poisoning, especially in young children. Use a test kit available from any paint store or feel free to contact us.

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